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First Love and Last Love

This is what Oscar Wilde said “a man wants to become a woman’s first lover, but a woman wants to become a man’s last lover” Regardless of the fact that you are a man, you desire in your heart to become her finale lover.

The person, J.S. Vase, said this: “Men cannot give up on their first love, and women cannot give up on their last love”. In spite of the fact that you’re a woman, you cannot give up on your first love.

No matter what i say, the things you did in the past, made biggest changes in those few hours of the past. I was thinking that your body would defend itself, but your own feelings and way of thinking weren’t changed in that sort span of time. Not to mention, the other person’s feelings, the things that changed it were extraordinary, even though it was almost impossible.

Whether this is the right thing or not, I do not know, but, I have decided. Until now, I’ve gone back to the past, and all of the things I regretted I’ve redone in the best way I can.

Even if there’s nothing after this, and I may not be able walk the last step forward, I have thought about it well, at the very end, though I may not have let my emotions break free through this facade, in the end, I am still myself. I’ve realized my true feelings all over again.

Even at this juncture, you cannot fully give up her up. Even without the past, you’ve decided to fight even in the present, right?

I was able to go back to the past because of you. Truly, I am thankful. The important things is, not to grieve over the past now, but the purpose of changing them now is for the future!

I came back to the past, completely absorbed in running after her. But, right now, in all this time, I still haven’t once been able to face her. There is only one thing left that I must do. You know…when you think that from now on this kind of thing is going to come up more and more… depressing, isn’t it?

Destiny really comes back around, doesn’t it? Remarkable, isn’t it?

Our lives have always completely passed each other by. I am afraid that this will end with us passing each other by. I was in doubt…

If I didn’t sway…That time should have already been decided .If only, if only, at that time, I have been honest to myself, the one thing I have never said, the one thing that I’d like to say, would I have been able to say it?

I’ll tell you this story because of one thing that’s unusual about it. There’s this one guy, who went on a journey to the past to redo things he regretted about. He, in desperation, exerted himself in changing the past, but wasn’t able to open the door of miracles.

He realized it was the end of the journey, no matter how many times he went back, in the end, only he himself could do it.

Then, he thought, “I will grieve over the past more than I do now, but the most important thing is the purpose of changing something now for the future.”

I think that is why usually people last love is not their first love. But, how if their first love, is their last love too? How if the fact is somebody can not truly fall in love again, except for his/her first love?

Then people said that the person we’re going to married is not the person we love in the first in the world but the second person we love.

If that so why we gave up for the person we love the most? Why we didn’t fight for the person we love for the first?


One response

  1. Myaku

    Sugee.. Keren artikelny.. Jd mirip proposal daisasuken.
    Yah.btl bgt bs kembali ke ms lalu itu keren. Tp menjalani ms skr dgn sempurna kan lbh keren.
    Masa lalu mah g ush di ratapi.. G ush diinget..
    Yoosh jalani sj smwny skr dgn baik.so suatu saat g perlu lg mratapi ini, soalny dah perfect.. Changing something now for the future.. Kerenn.

    April 24, 2008 at 5:30 pm

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