Just Some Story of Mine

I’m that kind of person…

It’s okay that you think I can’t trust people…Because, I’m not,,,I do Trust people whom I think worth enough to be trusted…

It’s okay if you think I can’t hear or accept people’s opinion…Because, I’m not…I do Accept and hear it when I think they’re right…and they can show me that they’re right…

It’s okay if you think I don’t have many friends…Because, You’re not exactly true…I have few of them, but not in this suck place…where people just pretend as friend,,,where the value of friendship is low…(just 2,500-3,000 IDR)

It’s okay to talked behind my back…Because, I know whether you talked behind my back…and It’s not my business at all if you did something wrong.

It’s okay to have that kind of image of me…Because, I made it for you,,,So, You can’t hurt me…so that people whom I think don’t have the quality for entering my heart won’t easily enter my heart….

It’s okay to have bad opinion on me…Because, I do it on my purpose so just few people who understand me so well that can be my friend…

I’m that kind of person…

Person who don’t want to be hurt really bad

Person who created bad image and made people pretend me as tough person to protect myself

Person who hurt people before they hurt me


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