Just Some Story of Mine

Happily Ever After??

January 30, 2009
Tadi malem gw baru nonton “Stardust”…lumayan seru…diakhir cerita naratornyah bilang “And they live happily ever after” it’s been long time ago since I ever heard this words on the of a movie. Dalam hati gw, gw menggumam “HEH??!!” gw jadi inget di salah satu eps Greys Anatomy Mer (Meredith Grey) pernah bilang “Person who made those words ‘happily ever after’ should be kicked on his ass…” gw setuju banget tuh….
Happily ever after??? Come on you gotta be kidding me!!! there’s no such those words in this world except in fairy-tale story…In this real world, people’re strugling to be happy…
bukan bermaksud untuk pesimis dan hopeless to be happy…but, you can find it yourself whether there’s a person who always be happy in this world? No one…no one always be happy,,,all of people are giving so much effort to be happy…Happiness is not something that just be given by God…It have to be taken by many effort,,,
I’m not trying to say that to be happy is something impossible or something that really difficult….But, please wake up and be sober…that happiness is something that you must to get…dan ada harga yang harus dibayar untuk mendapatkannyah…
Bahkan Frodo Baggins ajah harus melewati 3 seri buku dan film untuk akhirnyah kembali ke The Shire…dan pada akhirnyah toh dy ga kembali tinggal di The Shire kan??
Harry Potter harus melewati 7 seri buku yang tebelnyah naujubilah untuk mengalahkan Voldemort….
Bella sejauh ni harus melewati 4 seri buku untuk mencapai kebahagiaan bersama Edwards…
Kenshin harus melewati 28 jilid buku komik, 2 seri OVA, puluhan eps TV series, dan 1 movie untuk berusaha move on dari masa lalunyah…
So, Happiness is not something easy to get….N I don’t believe that people will live happily ever after…at least until they died…
For me the happily ever after live I just happen when we’ll have been in heaven….


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