Just Some Story of Mine

Just a thought

saya menulis ini dengan hidung yang sudah mulai gatal dan tenggorokan yang mulai tidak enak sebuah indikasi bahwa saya ketularan si adik…
just a short post…
akhir2 ini saya mulai lumayan memperhatikan blog saya kembali (baca saja mulai lumayan rajin posting walo ga penting2 amat)…
trus saya menemukan sebuah fenomena..akhir-akhir ini udah beberapa komen tidak memberikan identitasnya..
aduuhhhh…saya penasaran ni
why did they have to hide their indentity? are they ashamed on their own identity?
Me, personally, when I want to give some comment I’ll try to log in so that when I leave the comment, blog owner will know who I am,,,in case the blogger has wordpress account…
In case the blogger isn’t wordpress user, I just give my real email or sometimes I’d rather not be bother giving any comment unless I need feedbak from the blogger,,,
so, sorry commentator..Unless you give me your identity, I won’t accept your comment..I’ll put it in the bin…
I’m truly sorry but it just keep bothering me and I think it’s kind of annoying..
Well, you should be proud for the way you are and whatever you wrote in my blog…
Also, I think people who don’t give their identity while leaving a comment on someone else’s blog is just a coward who can’t take any responsibility for what they’d written…
Since I hate irresponsible people, I’ll put them in the bin,,,sorry for that…;)


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