Just Some Story of Mine

A Gay Friend

Since I was in the 4th year of my undergraduate degree back then in my previous university, I have been dreaming to have a gay friend. Well…in some ways I found that gay friend might be more comfortable to be a friend with and funnier than guys or girl friends. I usually found that somehow girls are too complicated to handle even to be friend with. Be friends with guys is more playful and fun. They talk casually and do not take things personally in general. They don’t like gossiping and talking behind people’s back. They don’t do back stabbing….and the most important thing for them no is a no and yes is a yes,,the things that they talk is the things that actually in their mind…I can say whatever I want in front them. The most uncomfortable condition is when they talk about their opposite gender which is girls especially when they are talking about sex. It must be really awkward if they talk about it to me but that’s okay because when you say “I don’t want talk about that kind of thing” they usually stop…even when they don’t stop…I can slap them right in their face. Moreover, they have guys’ point of view so when you have some problem with a guy especially your boyfriend or your-boyfriend-to-be or your crush or their friend whom accidentally you like or else, you can get a  great advice from them….

The problem is guys generally has no knowledge of fashion and they nags so much when you take them for shopping…Second problem is generally friendship between man and woman will end contaminated by love…it’s either one party starts to love other party or both of them falling in love each other,,,and when they got break up,,things will go differently…everything will be very awkward and there’s indescribable strange feeling between them…

but, thing is different if they are gay…they definitely know fashion, make up and they love shopping, I assume…When you ask about your fashion style they can give you advice…when you take them for shopping they can give really great second opinion…they can help you to be pretty outside,,,If you are fat they will say “you should lose your weight,,,let’s do it together…” something like that… they can spot your weak point…and unless just criticize you and your look, they also come with solution even willing to do it together with you….usually gay friend is really loyal…they always be in your side,,,so when someone hurts you, they will fight for you…

Since you know them are gay,,,there’s no way you can fall in love with them nor falling in love each other…what a save and nice relationship you will have….

Recently, I spent my time with this person, senior of mine, let say Mr.B…Sometimes we, me, Mr.B and my girl friend, let says Miss S, went shopping together…and somehow I found some quality of imagination gay friend of mine  in him…Well…he’s not gay…definitely not…he’s finding someone to be married with,right now…

I’m wondering whether he can be ‘the gay friend’ that I imagine….but, he’s not gay…

how can he be the ‘come into the reality of my imagination of gay friend’ but not gay???


One response

  1. Well, the person who qualifies your criteria does not necessarily have to be gay. A metrosexual, or simply an effeminate man often has those characters, while many gays out there are just as manly and masculine as heterosexual men.

    October 6, 2011 at 4:37 am

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