Just Some Story of Mine

The Second Question: With who you are going to spend the rest of your life?

Lately,many of my friends got married and either having a baby or get pregnant…well,,somehow it made me realize that I had reached ‘that’ age,,the age when woman begin her new life with somebody they love..the age when woman take a commitment to spend the rest of her life with someone she loves..the age when woman not living her own life anymore and starting a family,,
I had gotten panic for a while and thought may be I should start to find that Mr.Right…
One time,I came to a meeting with people from my church..and I was trapped with wife-husband couples and their children..since I love children, I played with them..maybe,they,those wife-husband couples,thought that I want my own child…well,I do but not in these couple years..
They started to convince me to get a boyfriend or someone to be married with..even my priest suggested to take someone into my prayer,,,
Well..I found it quite bother some..I am happy right now,,being what I am right now,,I got my balance again,,
So,after I thought about it again,so what??everyone has their own destiny if things are meant to be then they will be..what ever meant to be will be out perfectly,won’t they??
Beside I have my own plan for at least next 4 or 5 years and the part of being somebody’s wife is exist after next 4 or 5 years plan…I still have time to enjoying my free life the way I planned it…I still have many things to be achieved before I will be trapped into somebody’s life…I still want to taking care of myself before I will take responsibility to taking care of somebody…I still need to learn how to live a great life before I will take a chance entering someone’s life…I still want to be a great child for my mother before I will be someone’s mother…
And I haven’t been to Santorini and Barcelona yet…I haven’t been to Europe too…
So what if that second question is my less priority for next couple years??


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