Just Some Story of Mine

Do Not Get Distracted

Lately, I think I had been distracted by many things I should not think about…I think I lost my focus,,,

I think I need to focus in something I should be,,,I think I need to reset my priority,,,

First, I need to rebuild my relationship with HIM and only focus on HIS work that I took responsible of,,I want to be closer and closer with HIM and giving the ‘box’ to HIM,,may my life glorify HIM,,

Second, My study here,,giving my best on my research,,,I think I am wasting the opportunity God’s gave me,,,I need to learn a lot of things here especially I really need to learn Japanese,,

Third, be responsible to all the work I had taken,,

May God help me to do all the things I should do…May my life be an acceptable gift for HIM…

I won’t let anything distract me to get closer with HIM,,,May God give me strength to do it,,Amen


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  1. amen

    May 15, 2011 at 5:30 pm

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