Just Some Story of Mine

Just Some Songs

Lately, I’ve been forced to stay in front of my laptop for hours or finished some experimental thing in experimental room. Well, since I decided to continue my study, I must do all these things. The data are not just magically achieved and processed by no works.

Both in experimental room and student room in my lab. are really quite. Sometimes it is really boring and the experimental work is some kind of boring too. During that bored-uninteresting-full of quite moment I usually put my new headphone on and play some music. (well sometimes I also sing along the song, of course if there’s no body else except me in the experimental room)

Some song are just  too ear-catching and good so I keep playing it again and again. Some are just so-me, some are just so-match with my feeling and condition that time and some is just saying the words that I can speak.

Here are my favourite songs (the most frequently played songs in my track list,not listed orderly)

1. Christina Perri – Jar of  Heart

2. The Rentals – A Little Bit of You in Everthing

3. Glee Cast (Rachel & Finn) – Pretending

4. Meiko – Reasons to Love You

5. Glee Cast – Bella Note

6. Christina Perri – Miles

7. Landon Pig – The Way It Ends

8. Brandi Carlile – The Story

9. Michael Buble – Haven’t Met You Yet

10. The Fray – How to Save The Life

11. Christina Perri – Distance

12. Glee Cast – Light Up the World

13. Michael Buble – Save the Last Dance

14. James Blunt – Best Laid Plans

15. James Blunt – So Far Gone

But, for now I keep playing this one

The Rentals – Little Bit of You in Everything


Meiko – Reasons to Love You


Glee Cast – Pretending


Glee Cast – For Good


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