Just Some Story of Mine

Can Not Do Anything More but Be Grateful

Here I am writing another unimportant story in my life. I know that I need to use my time doing others thing that is urgently to be finished such as my experiment, my presentation slide and so on, but right now I think I really need to write this story,,

Now, I have been living in the dormitory that my university decided to where I should live. Originally, the period of stay is only a year so that on the next following year new comers could use it. I entered the dormitory on September and my period of stay will be ended in the middle of this September. So, I need to find my own apartment and move out. Here, in Japan esp. in Tokyo, the process of moving out and moving in to new apartment is quite complicated. It takes a lot of time and money. Honestly, I have been worrying about these thing, like where I should move, can my money that I have been saving till now provide all the cost for moving in to a good apartment, how can I get the all the furnitures and utilities for my new apartment later,etc. I have been searching some apartments to be a moving in candidate. I also have been looking for some second hand furniture and utilities from my senior to fill my new apartment later. All of these worries combined with all those assigments and research works sometimes give me quite much stress.

But, guess what?!

Today I just got an email from Student Support Division in my university here is the copy of the email.

Dear TIEC Residents

Hello, this is Student Support Division of Tokyo Tech.

This email is to inform you about your period of residence in TIEC.

As for a rule, you cannot stay at TIEC longer that 1 year,

but specially, this year, you can stay 6 month longer (by March 31)

Therefore, I would like to ask you whether you extend your period of

residence or not.

If you extend your period of residence, you have to fill in the

application form.

We are looking forward to your reply.


You can imagine how happy I am. At least by this September, I still can live in my current dormitory. I do not need to move out soon.

Indeed, I definitely can rely all my worries on HIM who really loves me and always provides all my needs and takes care of me every time. I just need to give my best for all the thing HE has been entrusted me in then HE will show me the way.

So, right now I really can not do anything but be grateful. I am really blessed. I feel I am really blessed by HIS grace.


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