Just Some Story of Mine

Just One More Page Story in My Life

Here I am reading some of my seniors’ blogs and trying to write my own story

Japan, Tokyo, Tokodai and Me. It has been nearly ten months. Things happened, homework and exams done, a semester passed, new semester come, heart broken, feeling will be forgotten, life goes on. Surely, time flies.

Ever since I have been here. I lost my love to “loneliness” and the joy of being alone. I used to be love enjoying my own self, doing nothing or doing anything I want alone..spending my time the way I want it.. no inter-version.. no distraction..(except all the series that have been stopped airing during this summer – fall can you please come faster)

Being away from your family and people you love, you might feel the true loneliness. It might be the only reason I love being lonely and be-only-my-self back then, because I know somewhere, when ever I want, I can just come back to those-crowded-and-sophisticated-life. I just need to make a call. Being here, I realize things go differently.

Then I met this very senior. She makes me remember the old me ( like I am right now is new one – hahahaha). I miss that-old-me. I miss that-only-me-and-my-self time. I miss spending a whole day watching my favorite series and movies. I miss those thrilling hours reading a fiction book (enough all paper and journal and scientific books).  I do miss them.

It is summer already. Let’s start new way to live. It is the season of the end of that story but the beginning of the new story. Lesson learned that an appearing good attitude and gentleness sometimes not represent a good-golden heart I have been searching for. I am grateful and will embrace this experience. So, summer is the season where there is no story of you, no more story of you, only memory and lesson learned.

Like Meredith said in the last 7th season of Grey’s Anatomy “..it’s easier to be alone” despite I do miss it.

*During writing this post, The melody of Lusy Rachmawati’s song -Ternyata plays along in my head*

Surely, many things I want to earn and achieve,,,


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