Just Some Story of Mine

Another Random Question

This conversation happened while Me and my friend were walking around Harajuku and Shibuya after Sunday Service at His church. We’d been finding Kiddy Land at first then walked through the street to Shibuya Station. He asked me what kind of books I used to read. I answered then mostly were fiction. Some chicklit. Harry Potter. Hobbit. Some Indonesian Novel. Anything I found interesting and thrilling. But, right now I am reading a Christian-Related-Book about healing. Then the conversation continued from seven habit, eight habit, Mitch Albom, The Alchemist, Purpose Driven Life and so on.
As we walked to Shibuya station, I told him some chicklit story I like. Can You Keep a Secret. For Better For Worse. I also explained why I like them. I said chicklits were like fairy tale story put in the real life. They’re beautiful yet unreal. We,women, love beautiful,sweet and romantic story ever since we knew cinderela,snow white,sleeping beauty and even shrek.
Then,he suddenly asked “In your opinion what’s the most romantic thing or moment?” Heeeeee???!!! I got blank.
Hmmmmm…I was thinking.Hmmmm….
As I thought about it. I told him a story about something-about-over-the-rainbow (I forget the title up till now).
Then I found out,,,for me the most romantic thing is growing old together hand by hand with the one you love. When a very old couple is still taking care each other and find them self still in love even the beauty and handsomeness was faded away. When a very old man hold his step and give his hand to his old wife to be holded as they’re climbing the stairs together. When an old wife takes care her old husband and complains how senile is he but then she finds they’re both senile. Those are the most romantic thing in my mind. Growing old together with the one you love is really a gift. May I receive that gift someday.


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