Just Some Story of Mine

Just Some Short Thought

I was waiting to depart from my lab for interview and wrote this post. Today is Graduation Day in my university. I don’t know why, I feel like I want to write something. I got pretty tough time last week. I need to deal with moving procedure, I lost my commuter pass card together with my room key, I got pretty mess data from my specimen, and the feeling of left behind and being forgotten still a bit remains. And I found nobody to talk to, or is it I am the one who can not talk to anybody. I found my self to be alone. I need to deal with all of them alone. It is pretty sad. I feel like no one on my side. Long ago someone said ‘Just remember I am on your side,I will be there for you’, but I feel like I am not supposed to make that person stay there, on my side, though some how I need that person to be there and in the end those words are only words, like a promise that never be true. I do not know,,,I want to embrace everything,,,

At least I found what I do next,,,I want to involve in children education, my passion towards them is really big…I keep smiling and be happy when they are around…I will earn my PhD first then travel and collect money while (then) work  for children education…


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