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Things You (Might) Need to Prepare for Moving

I received a lot of support and help from my friends here during all the moving procedures and things. I wrote this post to accomplish my promise to one of them, also to show my gratitude towards them.

Firstly, no doubt the most important things you need to prepare (or do) to move out is a new place you can move in. In my case I moved out from my dormitory in Odaiba and found a place in TIT’s Ookayama Campus nearby. The rent is considerably cheap.To find new apartments or rooms for moving in you can find them either on-line or coming directly to the estate agent. Me, myself found it firstly on-line then I came to the agent ask whether I can rent the room or not. Here in Japan, some owners have ‘special’ requirement for the person who will rent their room or apartment. As for foreigner like me, some of them require a guarantor or Japanese Skills or any other things they think necessary. Here some website reference to find apartment for you




Secondly, before moving into the new place off course you need to move out first from your former place. It usually takes a month from the day you inform your former landlord (or dormitory) to the day you move out. It may requires several procedures too but the simple one, filling some documents, getting some sign or stamp from your university, deciding room inspection day, changing your postal address at post office, and else.

Thirdly, after you found suitable room (or apartment) based on you expectation and taste, you can get unwritten agreement with the agent that you want to rent the room (or apartment) and decide the move in day. Then, depressing and stressful days is just coming…hahahahaha….Basically, you just need to get all the documents the estate agent require, guarantee certificate, insurance, or else.  For guarantor, the university where you are attending usually gives some policy or help that it could be your guarantor. In case of mine, TIT provides this facility for foreign student, you just need to go to Student Support Division and tell them that you would like to move into new place and need guarantee, they will give you some document. Also, you may need the copy of your contract from the estate agent. For insurance, you can also get it together with the guarantee certificate from your university. After completing all documents the agent require, you can sign a contract. Then, they will give you the key on the moving in day.

Then on the moving day, you can use some moving service such as akabou, or you can also rent some rental car to carry all of your stuff or you can have them send or you can ask some of your friends to carry them in the train. If you want to use akabou service it cost around 11,500 yen, you can find the information on-line or from COOP (TIT’s COOP). I did not use akabou service but I used moving this moving service, transporter tokyo, since they provide in English service. In case you want to have them send, you can call or send the nearest post office you live.

As you moved to the new place you may need some furniture or appliance to fill your new home. You can find and buy them in some home centre nearby or on-line via website or gaijinpot.com.

The last thing left to do is reporting yourself to the city ward office you moved to. It is really simple you just need to inform them your new address. You may also need to renew or reissue your new health insurance, you can have it done together with the moving notification in the city ward office. You just need to simply fill some others forms. Do not forget to inform your university your new address and also the embassy (though I know I need to inform the embassy my new address, to be honest I may postpone it later when I have quite much free time).

Enjoy all the moving procedures and enjoy your new home…


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