Just Some Story of Mine

New Year 2012

I just came back from ski trip at Gunma. I feel like sharing some of my thought and feeling at the beginning of this new year. I wasn’t having any new year’s eve plan back then. Well…one of my senior did invite me to join a party in his house but I was considering any other activity at the new year eve, but then I just ended up coming to his house with others. That was really playful and fun. I wasn’t expecting anything in new year eve. If I’d had to spend it alone, that wouldn’t be matter at all. So, having some company was no more fun and great thing. We just did something usual, got our stomach full, watched movies, chatted, laughed, joked around, did anything we could do to spend the night. Then, the countdown began. I remembered those time. I used to spend the countdown with my family back then in Indonesia, while we were either praying or reading bible passage. I never got any chances to have countdown with my friends which I reaaaaally would love to do. But, you know, being here and not spending new year eve (and Christmas eve) with my family. I do miss those time, even finally I can have a new year eve’s party with my friend, my mind kept thinking “if I were in home country, we might be prayed together at time like this” (the things that was really bother me during new year eve). I am soooooo miss things that I used to do back then in Indonesia with my family and my friends.

On the first day of the year, I went to the church and had Sunday service. Apparently, I was serving as a singer at that service. Not to mention ALONE for the first time. Yep…and as usual, I did a looooot of mistakes. BTW, there’s no way I will serve as a singer alone any more. No way. No in hundreds years. I’d had a text from my friends, well not exactly a friends, what can I call her,,,a sister? a counsellor? She invited us, me and others youth group in the church to her house. After got stuck in the train because of some technical problem, finally we, me and some of my friends, got into her house. She’s a great married woman with two supeeeeer cute children. Rather than a friends or counsellor, she’s more like a sister for me, for us too, I suppose. Because it was already passed lunch time, well almost tea time, we went straight away to eat when we finally arrived at her house. I was having a reaaaaaally great time there. I laughed a lot. I ate a lot (of oranges). And I learned a lot. I am really grateful that I have such those great friends like them. Practically, we just did really common things, except of course having a great supper. We watched the our church’s Christmas video, talked about it, laughed about it, joked about it, since there’s so many funny part in it. Then, we chatted, joked around, played card (I miss this so muuuuuuuch) and made a little yet quite unique Birthday’s celebration of the owner of the house. We watched the first series of Narnia, The lion, The witch and wardrobe, then went home happily with smile on our face and full stomach.

I am really grateful that I have great friends here too, in the church, a fellowship with fellow believers. I am indeed blessed. I am grateful that He always has His way to thrilled me with all His surprise that I am never ever expected. For every little joyful things He gave and enjoyed, I am never been more thankful. I have such a great GOD. Great Your Name. Let my soul always worship You, only You alone. Lord, I am ready for every moment, every event You have prepared for me this year. Give me strength through this new year You gave to me. Let me always have a grateful and humble heart in every moment at this new year and please take control of my life. Amen.

After all…

I wish you a great new year….with all love in my heart,,,,


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