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Another Random Idea

Some people said I was cold-hearted, fierce, not friendly, short-tempered, moody, even cruel, and so on. The others said I was helpful, full-of-smile, childish, etc.. Well…I do not mind, may be I am, even if I am not those don’t really matter. Sometimes, I can be a really ‘good’ person but I can also be a ‘cruel’ person when you push wrong button, and that’s what people usually be…

*what I am writing now,,,actually I can not sort my idea in the right order now,,,I am sure. I thought about some idea to write here last night but like the usual me usually do, I forget some of them after got enough sleep*

Okay,,,this is totally random *yeah…like always*

I was thinking something about being mature and responsible. A friend posted at her/his tweet something sounds like “A mature person is not only responsible for his/her job, family, and religion (or something else) but also responsible for others heart (or feeling)”

And I remember I read an article about some reasons to travel while you are young here’s the link

The author, Jeff Goins, wrote

“Yeah, but…”

Never were more fatal words spoken.


It allows us to be cowards, while sounding noble.

Hmmm…I experienced some kind of similar thing like this. Well…noted similar (or might be not related at all). That sentence “Yeah…but….” I got those two words in different form but I think it shows same feeling or same reason or same background or same purpose. To allow the speaker to be cowards, while sounding noble.

Have you ever heard about ‘bro-sis’ relationship between two people who act like a couple? That kind of relationship kind of popular some time in Indonesia. Yup…two people said (or might be lied) to each other and their friends or outsider that they’re not a couple, they’re having bro-sis relationship, but it is clearly seen from others’ point of view that there’s something more than that even they are more than what they’re saying. When someone asks to them, what is your relationship with him/her, they will answer “Well…he/she is like a sister/brother to me.” (though it’s completely shown that they’re not act like one). Cute, isn’t it? I think so too……When you are a junior high school student.

But, seeing those kind of acts in your 20s is completely unthinkable. I am not saying that such ‘bro-sis’ relationship couldn’t be exist in human relationship. To be honest I have one or two boy friends (friends who are boys) that are so close to me like a brother and we act like one, like a sister and brother. In every human relationship, there are such a certain invisible lines border each of them. And you, the one that involved into them knows better how to define them. You could say you’re not while you know exactly you are. You might lie to others, but lie to yourself is the lamest thing you shouldn’t do.

No doubt. You should be kind, nice and friendly with others. But, we, people, even the most clueless or stupid one, are not a complete idiot who can not use their heart. We know what flirt is and what hitting to somebody is. As for me, I always try my best to smile, be nice, and friendly to all people but, I know exactly the border is. When things are not in the place they should be, I draw a line. When it’s not working, I draw bolder line. Even if I need to be cold-hearted and unfriendly to draw the line, I will do it. Because I know exactly what hope can do, it hurts more as it grows. I want to be responsible to people’s heart. If my kindness mislead people to another thing I don’t expect. I rather to be clear. Yes is always to be a yes and no is a no. Not “Yeah….but….” Even if I need to lose them as a friend, that the risk I will surely take.

I don’t want to hide behind either the words “she/he is like a bro/sis for me” or “you are my best friend” while I am cowardly playing with someone’s heart. There are no such complicated status in man and woman relationship. They are clearly friend, lover or nothing. When you’re telling people or your self other these three things, you’re being cowards while sounding noble.

*I am not sure whether what I wrote is understandable enough or whether I got my idea right or not. Once again it’s just another random thing.*


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