Just Some Story of Mine

The Suspected Victimize Object

Well…may be you’re wondering what on earth I mean for the title above. Don’t ask me because honestly I don’t have any single idea why,,,It just sounds good and ear-catching for me, and let’s say, most likely describe a bit of stories I wrote below.

This time is about some of my experiences to be a ‘victim’ in some circumstances…It seems to people might see me as an easy object to be either joked or intimidated, and till the some extend to be a ‘victim’ of ‘weird people’ in public area, even a victim of crime…and this one is happened not long ago, the victim of ‘heart-hurting-crime-called-hit-and-run’ hahahahahaha… the later is just half joking, the other half is might be true…

Yup…in every circumstances I am indeed an easy object to be joked and intimidated,,even for someone who is younger than me,,,I am still an easy object to be joked…I am not complaining about this,,,but, It seems to every where, even at the very new place where most people do not know who truly I am, what I used to be like and what I was…People still found me as an easy object to be joked…seems to that words “easy object for jokes” is written in my face…to be honest, I don’t mind at all…as long it never crosses my lines and some principles thing I hold to,,,well..smiling and laughing are still the least thing I can do, aren’t I?

Then..for the victim of crime,,,hmm….I was robbed twice when I was riding my motor cycles. And both of them ended with accident, well…practically one of them was not a direct accident but the consequences of the hot-blood flowing in my mom’s vein,,,

Firstly, I was not the one who rode the motor cycles, I was sitting in the back of my mom,,,and suddenly a motor cycles was getting close and the rider who sat at the passenger seat took my bag,,,after that, my mom pulled the gas and speeded up, trying to chase the robbers…see!!! How cool my mom was back then…both of us scream out loud with all of our energy “Jambret!!! Jambret!!! Jambret!!!” (means robber in English) She even trespassed the traffic light,,,yes, I have a rocking mom….hahahaha….but, well….no matter how cool and rocking she is,,,my mom isn’t Rossi nor Lorenzo,,,She lost control of the cycles when trying to turn right, then we just hit the pedestrian block,,very uncool,,Just minor bruises. No serious injury. Still we were taken to the nearest hospital. and this story became a hot-story for some of my family’s friends since we were going to the church for Easter Service when the incident happened.

Secondly, after graduating from my university in Indonesia, I got an opportunity for continuing my study with scholarship at Japan..exactly where I am right now..I took some Japanese lesson before got here,,,and there was a party after the level-up exam with a Japanese teacher,,the party ended at around 11 p.m. then I rode my motor cycles alone directly to home,,,I rode it pretty fast since I wanted to reach home ASAP,,,then again a motor cycles got close to mine and again the one seating at passenger seat pulled my bag that was placed under the space between my groins,,,I lost my balanced and I kissed the street with the speed around 50 km/h …have you ever kissed the street with such speed?? well…that was hurt and bloody…I did not lost my bag since it hooked tightly,,,but I lost my glasses and one of my tooth (almost two of them),,,and might be some of my weight since I ate very little during the healing period…It hurt so much when I tried to insert anything into my mouth,,,

‘victim’ of ‘weird people’ in public area…well…this one happened quite several times…

Firstly, I was waiting my friends around 10 p.m. at Shinjuku area, ready for ski trip,,,wandering around there since I couldn’t find any good place to wait,,,then, a homeless guy just followed me and yelled at me then asked about some convenient store in Japanese that I replied ” Sumimasen, nihon go ga wakarimasen” (I don’t understand Japanese) but, still an awful experience for me that awful enough to make cry,,I definitely won’t ever wait around Shinjuku area at night alone,,,never ever!

Secondly, when I was waiting my train at station for some trip bringing my luggage. An Arabic or Indian guy asked direction to me in English and I kindly answered him…and he just introduced himself which was I don’t even want to know, why he was there, what he did…and asked mine too, my name, my nationality, why I am here, etc etc etc…that’s my weakness,,,my only reaction to this kind of thing is usually to answer all the question honestly without any way to dodge them at all…including my phone number too,,,I was not willing to give him my number but I just could not find any way to not give him,,,I was worried he would call me,,,and yes he did,,,but I never picked up the call,,,never ever! deleted his voice messages and gave him “Jangan diangkat!!!!!!” (never pick up) contact name,,,

Thirdly, this one happened just hours ago. I was walking at Shibuya station to change the train line from Hanzomon line to Toyoko line,,,because I was absent minded that time I took wrong exit at Hanzomon line crossing gate. So, I ended up need to circling around through JR Yamanote crossing gate. Suddenly, an around middle age guy just stood  before my way and asked me something but I am not sure since I was listening some music through my iphone then I said “huh” with a face coding I could not hear you well then he said “are you speaking English?” and I answered yes with confusing face,,the he asked me again “where are you going?” a paused. I was thinking my answered. then I replied “why?” then he said something I am not sure about, Shibuya incredibly crowded, I think I said home to him. and he asked again something in Japanese and I ‘huh’ ing him again,,,he said “do you know where to go?” “yes of course I know” replied I and I walked away,,,and he just followed my step and asked again “sanbyaku en” (300 yen) he asked me 300 yen in Japanese and said “help me” the first thing crossed my mind was train ticket and he might be need the money for the train ticket, some how he lost or run out his money,,,then since it just 300 yen and honestly I was annoyed and scared I just gave him,,,I just want to get him away from me,,,then I walked away,,,unexpectedly, someone saw that moment,,,a grand father age man..he followed me, seriously how many times I needed to be followed that time, and asked me whether I know that guy and why I gave him money,,,,I told him I didn’t know the guy and he just asked me to help him and give him 300 yen,,,I said I thought he might be need a help and I was fine with that,,,he said again that I didn’t need (nor shouldn’t) to give him the money  because some people might be live like that he said ‘gypsy style’ and I said again that I was completely fine and didn’t mind it,,,and thank you anyway to warn me,,,then I said thank you again…and climbed the stairs to Toyoko line crossing gate,,,a rare experience…

For the victim of ‘heart-hurting-crime-called-hit-and-run…hmmm…just forget about,,,just half joking,,,,

See,,,this how I said I might be an easy ‘victim’ for jokes, intimidation, weird people, and even crime…including heart-hurting-crime-called-hit-and-run….hahahahaha,,,,


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