Just Some Story of Mine

Some Conversations

At Soekarno-Hatta International Airport during check-in process,,,
Mas-mas counter (counter officer): “Mba,isi koper yg satunya bisa ga dipindahin ke yang satu lagi. Lebih nih…” (Can you put some your things from this baggage to that baggage??Coz this one is overload…”
Gw (me): “wah ga bisa mas penuh,,ayolah mas,,,student student” (I dont think I can,that one is full,,,pleaseeee,,I am a student)
Mas2 pun memasukan bagasi gw (the officer put my baggage in)
Gw: lega (relieved)
Mas-mas: “airport tax-nya mba,,,150rb” (please pay 150000IDR for the airport tax)
Gw: membayar dgn 2 lembar seratus ribuan (pay 200000IDR)
Mas-mas: “mba td kan baggage nya harusnya ga boleh masuk tuuuh,,,tp saya bantu td,,,ini ga usah kembalian ya” (originally,I can not let your baggage in but I help you this time,,how about I keep the change as the tip?)
Gw: “waaaaah…parah ni si mas…oknum2” meski sbnrnya ikhlas juga sih (woooow,bad officer *even I am ready to give it )
Ntah krn kata2 gw ato gmn akhirnya dy pun ngasih kembalian,,, (dunno why finally he gave me the change)

On my way somewhere with some friends,,,,
Gw (me): “gw pengen punya suami dokter” (I want a doctor as my future husband)
Tmn gw (my friend): “muri!” (impossible!) out loud with out any hesitation *jleeeb!* (*feel like being stabbed in chest*)
Is it really impossible for me to get a doctor as my husband??? *hiks*

Also on my way to somewhere with friends
Stopped a while and rotate my ankle a bit
Gw (me): “aduuuuh sakit euy” (ouch it’s hurt a bit)
Tmn gw (my friend): “suruh siapa pake high-heels” (no one asked you to use that high-heels) with cold tone *jleb!!!* *hiks* T____T


Meeting a friend in Indonesia,,, *not gonna translate it in English*

Gw: “Trus *no mention* klo cw/calon istri/istri lo pendidikannya lebih tinggi dr lo gmn?”

Tmn gw *my super super dude all time* : “ga masalah gw”

Gw: “Trus klo penghasilannya lebih tinggi dari lo?”

Tmn gw: “ga masalah juga,,,knp harus masalah?”

Dude….too bad you are out of my options, if not, I would’ve like to consider you,,,,


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