Just Some Story of Mine

About My Name

My name is Yorina Sarah Franscoise. People said the ‘Franscoise’ part at my name sounds like a French name. I had no relation at all with French. My family is nothing related with either France nor French-blood-descendants. I just know that it was taken from my grandmother’s name. Well…my grandmother’s name is a quite sophisticated name. Her name was Mignone Flora Franscoise,,,I am not sure whether I spell it right or not.

The part of ‘Yorina’ is a bit embarrassing to explain. I can not stand to explain it. It is not like I don’t like the name. My name is unique and I like it but the story behind it is a bit embarrassing to explain. Just say it was an abbreviation for something.

And the ‘Sarah’ part, it is obviously taken from the bible. Yup…It’s Abraham’s Wife’s name, the mother of Isaac, the grandmother of Jacob, whom God’s named Israel. There is one book I read entitled ‘Ia Dinamai Perempuan’ or in English ‘Her Name is Woman’, the author is Gien Karssen. The book is about some women in the bible, how they lived, how was their relationship with God, their faith, their decision, their mistakes, their sin, their godly character, how God found them acceptable and unacceptable in His eyes. My mentor gave me this book when I was in my second year of undergrad.

The author titled the part of Sara’s story with ‘Sara, Puteri yang Namanya Dicatat dengan Penuh Kehormatan’ since I read (and only own) the Indonesian version I do not know the English title version of this chapter, maybe ‘Sara the princess whose named recorded with great honor’ or ‘Sara, princess with great honor written name’ I am not sure…

The chapter is started with bible story from Genesis 18: 1 – 15 when God told Abraham through His angels that his wife, Sara will bear a son next year, and Sara just happened eavesdrop this news outside the tent where Abraham and the angels of God who disguise as three men conversed. Then, Sara laughed because the news is just unbelievable considering her age which already in menopause age. Then it is continued to Genesis 21:1 – 13 which is the story about the birth of Isaac and the break up of the family when Sara asked Abraham to get rid his other son, Ishmael, from Hagar his slave-second-wife because Ishmael making fun of Isaac.

So, Sara, The Princess whose name written with great honor, what make her name is written in such great honor?

Sara is Abraham’s step sister and also his wife. Back then it is usual to have a spouse from your nearest family member. Abraham and Sara got a nice and comfort life at Ur, their hometown, but then God called Abraham and told him to leave his hometown with his family member, undoubtedly including Sara, his wife. Until the birth of Isaac, this husband and wife couple lived as traveler in the foreign land. Sara waited 25 years for the birth of Isaac. Many things happened before the birth of her first and only son. The death of her father (also Abraham’s father), the famine at Canaan and the incident at Egypt when the pharaoh wanted to marry Sara. Then the birth of Ishmael, Abraham’s son from their slave, Hagar.

As a woman can you imagine the Sara’s life? She needed to wait 25 years until God’s covenant with his husband fulfilled. She also needed to give up the comfortable life she’d had at Ur, her and her husband hometown because her husband wanted to answers God’s call. She also felt the lost when their father died. She felt the loneliness for traveling in foreign land and when they needed to bite farewell with their rest family member at Haran except Lot, their nephew. All of these was seemed not enough for Sara, She also felt insecurity and maybe betrayal towards her own husband when they were in Egypt. Abraham asked her to acknowledge him as her brother, because Sara was so beautiful and he feared people would kill him if they knew he was her wife. Consequently, pharaoh took her and wanted her to be his wife. Then, God acted to help this family especially Sara. This time Sara probably felt alone the most but the God she trust, the God she put her faith in, had acted for her. We see faithful Sara during this time. She kept trusting God, the God who called his husband and his family, the God who still with her even when his husband betrayed her and made her taken to pharaoh’s palace.

Then, what make Sara laugh that time? the time when the three men told the news about Isaac’s birth to her husband? and what make Sara asked Abraham to take Hagar as his wife? Is not the same God who saved her from pharaoh promised her and his husband? Waiting for 25 years made her question her faithful God. She doubted that the same God who sent curse to Egypt to save her able to give her a son at her 90s. She frustrated and she run out her patient. She’s being impatient and she made assumption, she refused to wait and made her own plan by asking her husband to take her slave as wife that they can have descent as God promise though God promised that the descent was from Sara. She made the same mistake her ancestors, Eve, made. She doubt her God. And the whole family bear this very mistake (slash sin) she made. The family was breaking up.

But still just like his husband, Sara is still a favored servant in front of God’s eyes that her name is written together with the other faith of heroes. She is the very first woman written among other faith leaders in Hebrew 11. She was recorded with such a great honor because of her faith not her mistakes. She had amazing faith towards God. She scarified many things. She overrode things she love and want. She experienced disappointment and hardship with out too much complain. She easily adapted with changing circumstances. She respect her husband well. She is a beautiful obedient wife for her husband and she let Abraham obey the Lord.

“By faith Sarah herself received power to conceive, even when she was past the age, since she considered him faithful who had promised. Therefore from one man, and him as good as dead, were born descendants as many as the stars of heaven and as many as the innumerable grains of sand by the seashore.”
(Hebrews 11:11-12 ESV)

I do not know why my parents gave me Sarah as a part of my given name but I realized I have such a great name and the Sarah I know is such a beautiful faithful woman that the bible recorded her in such great honor. I hope I can also be such kind of woman, the Sarah I know from the bible, except the beautiful part, I know enough what kind of appeal I had. Hope I can also learn from her mistake by not doubting the same God,we – Sarah, Abraham, and their descendants, trust. The impatient and frustrated part are just like me a lot. By the grace of God and only by the strength from He alone….


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