Just Some Story of Mine

Death and Life After Death

My sister said this on her FB wall

“The thing about death is, when you are ready for it, then only relief comes after, barely sadness. Requiescat in pace, grandpops. You are pretty much in a better place now.”

Last Monday, I got a text from my brother said that my grandpa just passed away. I was not surprised back then. The night before when I’d called my mother via Skype. I could see he already drained out his energy. He barely could talk and move. And he kept falling for couple times in the previous week. I was not surprised at all hearing the news, instead I felt relief because I know the best was just happened for him. I know he is in the better place now. The place call heaven.

I am Christian and my grandpa was Catholic. We believe in heaven and hell. We also believe that in Christ we can see each other later in the heaven together with Him too. Yup, I am the so-called-moron who believe Christ died for my sins and this world sins that everyone who believe can go to heaven and live an eternal life. Yup, I am the so-called-stupid who believe a story that almost all people in this very world considered as a fairy-tale. I believe in life after death that people who believe Christ as their saviour and God will go to heaven.

Facing my grandpa’s death, brings joy for me because it is the best for him. After 89 years, finally his duty in this world is finished. He can go in peace. And it brings relief and hope to me that he can meet my grandma and our God after all. Despite, we can see each other some day together  in a beautiful and wonderful fellowship with Christ. I cried a bit because it is still sad losing someone you love but it does not snatch the joy I feel, because one believer, my grandpa, finally went home.

I am happy too because the night before he passed away, I had be able to pray for him. I feel like that was my goodbye for him since I could not talk to him when I’d phoned my mom. I am grateful that God still let me had known his condition and had prayed for him the night before he passed away.

My Handsome Opa *grandpa in Dutch*

See you, Opa


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