Just Some Story of Mine

So It’s soon Autumn Again

The familiar smell that I hate companied me as I rode my bike to the lab. The smell of falling ginko. Last night the typhoon came, so it’s the brand new sunny day, October the 1st in 2012.

After fought with the cold I got and suffered with losing my voice for two days. It’s new day again. Two years ago I just arrived and would attend the same ceremony. The entrance ceremony for new student. So, I survived then for this past two years.
Only by the grace of God. I survived getting my Master of Engineering Degree. I should say I was not successfully achieved that. I just managed and survived only by His grace.

Will I be al right from now? Well I should not be worry, should I? Somebody shows to me that by His grace, I will not be less than al right. Just need to trust, follow and obey. Doing my best is all I can do.

I should decide where I want to go next that my life won’t be pointless. Where will He want me to be? Obviously not working here. I got lucky cause I only need less thing to consider. What make Him happy? What make me not less than I am? What is acceptable for my family? Where I won’t be meaningless? Where I still can support my family? (and once again obviously not working here)


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