Just Some Story of Mine

When You Realize You Might be a Geek Too

I was thinking about how to write a manuscript (either the doctoral thesis or the paper). Then, I remembered my friend’s saying about doing our undergrad final project. Ok. I admit I have been delaying to start writing my manuscript in every ways. I just think but not starting. I even haven’t made the deadline for myself as my prof. suggested a while ago.

Then, I posted at my twitter.

“Writing manuscript never starts: its either the energy barrier/activation energy is too high or the driving force is too low *tampar diri*”

A friend reply it like this

“too much inhibiting particles in your heart #asek

And the conversation continued

” #aseeeeek bener oge,,,should find catalyst for my heart then,,do you know any??”

“maybe some-kind of organic body with low entropy consists mainly of nitrogen and testosterone, if you know what i mean :p”

“isn’t it only will add more variable to inhibit rather than enhancing?”

I laughed much because of this,,,and I could not help but had this thought in my mind “O my God, why in the world I can understand the meaning of this kind conversation?and why in the world I found it pretty smart and enjoyable? Isn’t it the kind of conversation that those 4-nerd-geeks at The Big Bang Theory usually have?”

Ok. That time I realize at some point, at some level (very low level though) I might be some-kind of nerd-geek too.


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