Just Some Story of Mine

My Bless List

It’s officially 25, my age. My Japanese friends said “arasa (araun sati – around thirty in Japanese pronunciation) Yep! 30 is just 5 years ahead,,,hahahaha…

This 25 years a lot of things happened, too many things frankly. Sad or Happy. Bad or Good. Heart broken or Lovely. Fun or just-so-so. Exciting or tiring. Energizing or just-adding-more-problem. Many things I like. Many things I’d rather not ever happened again in my life. But, instead of just listing things that I do not like. I would like to count all the blesses He sent me. Everything He already provided for me. I want to remember all the bless and lessons rather than the heart that was broken nor the moment that was painful.

– I am still breathing and be able to go to the church today, I can still live normal life, I can move my body freely without any help from anybody or any equipment
– I have my family
– I have my computer, I have internet connection, I have iPhone 5 and above all I can use all those facility to call my dearest family and friends whenever I need someone to talk to
– I earned my master of engineering from one of great university in the world
– I can still listen this very song “Silent Night” while recall my mom, dad, sister and brother face
– No matter how bothering and talkative she is, I have a mother that always love me and take care of me whenever I need her while some children are parent-less and never know who their mother is
– When my dad got into an accident, he only got some stitches without any serious injury
– My grandpop finally met my grandmom in the heaven (I believe so). He missed my grandmom so much. Two of them must be very happy there.
– I can still read the bible. I have a congregation who really care of me.
– I met so many people some become my close friends even the best one. Some was sent to teach me some lessons.
– I received the eternal give called Salvation
– I have many books that always give so many idea and broaden my knowledge to read
– Though I lost the opportunity to go to London this year, I still went to Seoul and learn how to manage a trip.
– My heater is not broken and my blankets are warm
– I joined AOTULE 2012
– Though I could not submit an abstract for the next PRICM 8, I can (and need to) prepare one for another conference
– Though many people may talk bad (or good) about me, I still have the ability to be my very self (and ignoring their buzzes)
– Though I have so many worry and my heart is extremely anxious, I can learn to calm my anxiety from a good book I am reading
– This year I met my family twice! (will be three times this Christmas)

I have so many things I can be grateful about. I can not even finished the list. I need to stop because It’s my birthday now! Happy Birthday,me! welcome 25!

“And you shall remember the whole way that the LORD your God has led you these forty years in the wilderness, that he might humble you, testing you to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep his commandments or not.
(Deuteronomy 8:2 ESV)”

Someone gave me this verse, God used her to speak to me. Good verse for me!


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