Just Some Story of Mine

Forgiven and Justified by Grace and Love

Today is the holy Saturday, yesterday, the good Friday, the observance of the greatest event in the history of human life. He, my Almighty God who humbled Himself, made Himself nothing to become obedient, died on a cross. Many people do not believe this, many people find it’s silly to believe that He is God who being found in human form and His mission was to died on the cross, to bear all the humiliation to save us so that we can be sanctified and come into God’s presence. It is also by His grace that I can believe He is God while almost the whole world is trying to prove He is not.

A friend show me this link, a song for Easter. I have been dealing with loving people lately. As I think about my faith, me and you and the whole world who deserve the punishment, the hell where we are separated with God, where we can not ever again find the presence of Him because of our sin, He gave us the greatest gift in our life, the greatest and truest love ever exists. So, who am I not to love people? who am I that I received such love?

Here is the link for the song also the lyrics. Happy Easter! *though it’s not the Easter yet.

By This We Know Love


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