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The Unique World of Women: A snippet of the book

I have been reading The Unique World of Women from the author, Eugenia Price – No, I have not finished it yet and Yes, it has been a really long time. I am first interested in this book because it was mentioned in the previous book I read about women in The Bible, Her Name is Woman by Gien Karssen. Similar to Gien Karssens, this book is also trying to explore more about some women character mentioned in The Bible . Although both mentioned and referred to particular Bible’s story or passage, unlike Karssen who was  exploring the character more based on what is literally written  on The Bible, Price used a little bit of her imagination based on the cultural and literature background of each characters. Personally, I found it is refreshing and amusing to read (and feel) all the women in The Bible are also just ordinary women, like us. Despite of our different culture and situation, we all are facing the same thought, emotion, feeling and sometimes viewpoint toward problems. It is also really encouraging to find there were more than enough great attitude and faithful decision which are still fit our present day life.  After all, the nowadays problems, trials and difficulties women faced is still the resemblance of  women in Bible time.

Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11: 2-5, 26,27; 12: 15-24 ; 1 Kings 1: 11-40)

…acting on forgiveness

….Bathsheba permitted God to do what HE always longs to do for us all in the mysterious but totally creative and re-creative process of forgiveness: She permitted  HIM to strengthen and beautify her inner life, so that none of the sin – flagrant as it was – was a waste. Not because sin isn’t destructive, but because she, like David, gave the sin to GOD and permitted HIM to forgive it as HE redeemed her. More than that, Bathsheba forgave herself and went on to become a good mother, a faithful help-meet to David, and a woman whose judgement even Nathan the prophet could admire and respect. This, I feel, is the big word GOD has for us women today: We need to accept forgiveness. Too often we refuse, out of kind of exalted and morbid self-concern, to forgive our-self. We say we believe GOD has put our sin behind HIM, but we don’t do as much for our-selves. And in refusing to forgive our-selves, in continuing to chew over the old sins, we minimize, in an authentically blasphemous way, the very forgiveness of GOD HIMSELF. If we have not forgiven our-selves – if we go on rehashing our sins, carrying the guilt – we have not really accepted the forgiveness of GOD. HE never forces us. HE always offers. Our part is to receive and to begin to act and to live in the all new, free, wide realm of forgiving love…….

Eugenia Price in The Unique World of Women 10th printing (1978) page 82

Queen of Sheba (1 Kings 10:1-13; Matthew 12:42)

…wise woman with a hungry heart

…..A woman with an open hungry heart and an open, receptive mind will have access to the wisdom of GOD. Perhaps I should have said does have access to the very wisdom of GOD. Wisdom, as I understand it, isn’t necessarily being clever or smart or brilliant. To have true wisdom is to know how to act. To know how to be. Another word for us which I consider very important is that nothing whatever is to be gained by doubting the spiritual depth of another person. Can we possibly know how GOD saves? Can we possibly know HIS mind or HIS methods? I’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ for twenty years, and I still shudder and grow uneasy when I hear someone “decide” about another’s spiritual state. It’s a risky business, a great waste, and it belittles the GOD of love whose desires is to invade every human heart…..

Eugenia Price in The Unique World of Women 10th printing (1978) page 88


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