Just Some Story of Mine

Things I Learnt from Traveling Solo

1. It is completely fine to be alone

I realized that our lack of company never does define our value. Some journey are meant to be enjoyed alone. Lack of company does not make the journey less entertaining. There are a lot of suprises ahead, a lot of things to be treasured alone and a lot of amusing experiences to be found alone. I found many suprising fact about myself that I never knew before. From how bad my mapping skill is to how to receive people’s help openly. Going solo lets me treasure my own self, gives me time for myself to find new insight of me. I also learn to be comfortable with my own company and I learn to love myself. Experiencing a journey alone let me see myself clearly. Let me see things I never thought I was able to and capable to. Let me understand that I am completely fine being alone.

2. I appreciate more a company esp the good one

Despite giving different taste of traveling, going solo do let me feel the loneliness. Thus, I will appreciate more some companies who cross their journey with mine. I know that our time is limitted that I need to enjoy the moment intimately. It makes me smile sincerely and acts truly. Time for me to learn from them and their story is limitted. In such way, I have to enjoy all the fun I can share with them. It also affects my relationship with people. I learn to appreciate more people who give their precious time for me, to be my company, to not take granted people’s company even for a very short time.

3. Gain my trust to humanity

Traveling alone sometimes gives me some difficulties, noting my terrible sense of direction. When I travel alone, many times I need to rely upon people’s kindness. And it feels really good to see and taste people’s kindness in your journey. There were times when every single day I asked my host the direction to some places and even asked her to write down the bus stop/train station and name of the place in her language to make sure I didn’t get lost.

4. Freedom and responsibility

Going solo allows me to freely decide where I want to go, how long I want to stay at certain places, what I want to do, even whether I need a company or not for certain time. Such flexibility is never to find when I travel with family or friends. So I enjoy the freedom. But, such freedom comes with responsibility too. I am responsible for every single act that I did. No one will wake me up if I fall asleep on the bus/train that cause me missed my stop. No one will share a bottle of water when I finished mine. I make the plan and I am the one who keep it going accordingly. I am responsible to take care of myself, for my own security. I am my own bodyguard. No one will take care of my luggage. One silly mistake will cost the rescheduling of my plan or even my own security. And, actually it is quite challenging to take care myself on my way.

5. See more, pay more attention, feel more and learn to be grateful more

When I travel with some friends or my family, I engage with conversation with them. Sometimes we are too busy to take selfies or group photos and sometimes it distracts myself to enjoy what I need to enjoy. It lets me to take granted of what I should feel and see during my trip. Many times I miss the true beauty of what nature and mother earth presents me. Strangely, going solo connects me more with nature and The One who create them. Gratefulness grows as I sit seeing all the beauty The Creator shows me. I adore Him more. I am amazed more. And I am falling in love deeper as the wind blows slowly as if His Hands gently caress me.

6. I learn to let go

In my  journey, sometimes I meet good companies. They are nice. They are funny. Although I just meet them, I feel like already know them for a long time. A new friend who feels like an old friend. And mostly, the chemistry won’t last long. They need to continue their own trip, their own plan. And I am to accept that. I am to let them go. Say “nice to meet you” “good bye” “see you again when life allows us” “visit me some time” “call me when you are in town”. Hoping there will be another time. I cherish the memory but I let go. Because I also need to move forward to continue my own journey.


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